Field Test: Save Yourself Sky Replacement with Inexpensive Grad Filters From H&Y

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H&Y filters are selling inexpensive DSLR-friendly grad filters that can save you time in post.

For a long while, grad filters were a must on all exterior shoots, pushed to amazing creative heights by Slawomir Idziak on A Short Film About Killing

With the increasing latitude of high-end cinematography cameras, the pressing need to pop in a grad filter on a day exterior and "bring down the sky" no longer feels as important as it used to. On top of that, with features like "match move" coming to editing platforms like Resolve, digital sky replacement is easier than ever to use if the sky clips out.

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H&Y Magnetic Filter Holder - this is the future! by Richard - Photo Gear News

Posted by Tina So on

Richard looks at the H&Y Magentic Filter holder. The holder relies on magnetic/metal frames that fit most 100x150mm filters, including H&Y's own filters and Lee filters. With a frame the filters simply stick to the filter holder and can then be locked in place. H&Y also make there own filters, including an interesting ND8+CPL that can slot in to the filter holder - great for long exposure images.

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