K-series Filter System

Redefine Landscape Photography 

The modern digital camera can reproduce wide dynamic range in a single exposure. Some models reproducing 14EV or more. This is still less than the human eye can perceive. Thought to be in excess of 20 EV that enable us to see from extreme darkness to bright sunlight. In 1940s, Ansel Adams – the master landscape photographer formulated “The Zone System” technique for guaranteeing a correct exposure. To show more detail on one image, by metering correctly from shadow to highlight to ensure the film was exposed and then printed to deliver information throughout the contrast range.

To achieve the best image in scenes of extreme contrast rather than trying to manipulate the camera settings, or by using combined images blended with HDR (High Dynamic Range) the expert photographer prefers to use a Gradual Neutral Density filter to bring equality across the exposure area.

H&Y are committed to continually improving image quality, matching todays high resolution cameras and lenses. Optical performance is paramount for landscape photographers using Gradual Neutral Density filters and filter holders.

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