K-SERIES SOFT GND0.6 100X150MM + H&Y Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame

  • $165.00
  • Save $34

Free Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame - $34.99


Our HD MRC graduated ND filter is created with perfect gradation by vacuum-evaporated coating system. With adopting Corning Gorilla glass, it can achieve high hardness level to largely decrease the broken possibility. Furthermore, it is perfect for shooting with wide/tele lense since it is processed by HD system. Through unique coating technique, it hardly makes influence on coloration.

GND SOFT is suitable for most photographic scenes; especially scenes without obvious transition between light and dark areas.

 Available in GND 0.6 0.9 1.2


- Corning Gorilla Glass

- Low reflection

- Perfect Gradation

- Double-sided coatings

- High transmittance rate

- Water/Scratch/Oil resistant

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